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May 14, 2022
  When you go to a website, you get the content you want but also get advertisements, sometimes a lot of them. Each of these advertisements must be downloaded along with the content...

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So, what's new?

Haven't posted in a while. Here's what's going on.

Calling Vendor Tech Support

Eventually, you're going to have to call somebody. We're not talking about us at Sauve's, we're talking the factory or vendor of the product you are having trouble with.

10 Things About Inkjet Printers

10 fast tips about living with inkjet printers.

MAC vs PC. What to go with

It used to be a bitter battle. It seems in today's world both brands co-exist nicely. Let's decide, shall we?

Before you change email addresses, know this

When you change your email address, you don't realize how many services are using the old address.

Microsoft Office - or not

Microsoft Office is composed of popular programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and maybe Outlook, among others. Let's decide what to go with.

Have you been "Hacked"?

Probably not. More than likely you were tricked into giving bad people your login information.

Do I need a VPN?

Probably not. Read on to find out why.

Do I need an antivirus?

Viruses are not the main thing now-a-days. It's all about scamming. However, since you never know, you still have to be safe.

What's an AD blocker?

AD blockers make an attempt to block advertisements as you browse the Internet. These ads are downloaded along with the website content. No ads, faster Internet.

Do I need my computer cleaned?

A common question is if a computer should be cleaned or "tuned up" somehow. If operated correctly where no junk programs are installed, no. Leave it be. However, if...

How to spot a scam. It's easy.

The most heartbreaking thing we see is people being tricked into sending money to someone who is a fraud or for something they don't need.