10 Random Things To Know

  1. Do not store your only copy of a file or files on an external device such as a flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, external drive, or whatever. The chance of data loss is high for any number of reasons. 
  2. Never call a phone number to fix a problem, ask for a refund, or remove a virus. It's a scam.
  3. Never lose access to old email addresses or phone numbers, if at all possible. 
  4. If you will be changing email addresses or phone numbers, you must update accounts such as banking FIRST, or you will lose access to those accounts.
  5. Always, Always, Always neatly write down all passwords, accounts, emails, answers to secret questions, etc. in a paper tablet. Keep this tablet updated with each change.
  6. When purchasing product online, make sure you look for the spamming checkbox to UNCHECK so you don't get spammed for the rest of your life.
  7. All slow computers are due in part or because of the fact you are running an old, conventional, spinning hard drive. Every computing device must be purchased with a solid state drive ( SSD ) or upgraded to a solid state drive. 
  8. We are closed on Fridays, but still monitor email communications.
  9. There is little to no "maintenance" to perform on a computer. Do not install "cleaning" types of programs. The biggest thing we see are junk programs being installed secretly or through trickery.
  10. Do not purchase a bunch of ink cartridges because they are a good deal if purchased in quantity. If the printer fails, those cartridges are worthless. Also, do not use third party cartridges. Always purchase factory units, if possible.


Always, Always, Always, run your printer at least once a week. The print heads will dry out and render the printer non-functional. If you're lucky, all that's needed is to replace the expensive ink cartridges. If you're unlucky, you trash the printer.