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For 30+ years we have made computer buying easy and will continue that tradition. Sauve's no longer offers new or custom built computers for sale. However, service and support for all brands, including ours, continues as usual.


Selecting a computer to purchase can be a bewildering, techno-babble filled experienced. This site offers recommendations designed to point you in the right direction:

We can offer assistance purchasing computers online using your account and credit card. However, it's not purchased through Sauve's. It's a normal online purchase where the product is sent to your location.


We offer setup and data transfer services that can take your old computer and get your new computer up and running complete with data and program transfer. Check out our data transfer for details. We typically ask for the old and new computers to be brought and we take it from there. 

Things to know:

  • We recieve no commision or payment of any kind from the companies we recommend. 
  • We do not charge anything to assist in the ordering process.
  • Our service starts with setting up the new computer and copying data and programs from the old computer. 
  • We have numerous accessories and cables in stock.
  • Once the purchase is completed and received, we ask for both the old and new computers be brought in the shop for setup and data transfer. 

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