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Things to know:

  • We are very aware of replacement versus repair/upgrade costs.
  • Our service rates are general. It can be more or less depending on the situration
  • Shop time is typically 24 hours, but can be longer for major issues or part orders.
  • If repair costs exceeds our estimate or parts are required, you will be notified.
  • We warranty our service for 90 days.
  • We use decades of common sense to determine if a device should be repaired, upgraded, or replaced and will advise accordingly. The last thing we want is to service equipment that fails in a month. 

Typical Labor Costs:

On-the-spot Repair: $20 - $30

  • When a device comes into the shop, we will inspect/test it immediately if possible.

  • Occasionally we can perform a service at that time if the issue is minor, operator error, or an external issue.

  • We may need to service a device immediately, such as passwords, because we need your phone.

  • We may also be able to provide an immediate estimate of the repair at no charge.

In-Shop Repair: $99 - $199

  • Plus the costs of any parts/software.
  • The upper range is usually reserved for major issues such as data recovery, rebuilding, etc. 
  • $99 is the average labor cost. It can be less for basic repair(s).
  • "In-Shop" service is the most thorough with the highest value. It includes the repair of all issues found, not just the stated issue(s). 

Remote Repair: $25 - $99

  • Typically billed in 15-20 minute time increments
  • Remote Service means logging into your computer, with your permission, and fixing the issue(s). 
  • It can avoid bringing in the computer for service. It's a good option if mobility is an issue.
  • You must have a functioning Internet along with the computer must working well enough to browse the Internet.
  • You don't have to know how to make remote access work. We'll instruct how to go about it. 
  • It's not as thorough as in-shop service.
  • You can watch everything we do if you wish.
  • If we find the issue cannot be resolved in a reasonable amount of time, we will advise bringing it in or we can pick up if mobility is limited.

On-Site/In-Home: $49 - $118

  • On-site or In-home service is the most expensive.
  • We make every effort to address the issue remotely first. Otherwise, a service call will be planned.
  • If we find the service may take an excessively long time, such as long updates/upgrades or troubleshooing, we will bring the device into the shop and deliver it back as needed.

Check Out Charge: $29.95

  • There is no charge for evaluating/answering questions/advice at the counter. We will advise the best we can at that time, if required. 
  • If it's found that the repair cost will be excessive and replacement is in order, we have a checkout charge of $29.95. 

Common Services

  • Phone\Tablet: We offer setup and instruction at 15 minute intervals.
  • SSD Upgrade: $199 ( Radically improves overall performance )
  • Backup\Data Recovery: $99 - $199 ( Recover lost data or backup data )
  • Sanitize: $99 ( Prepare a computer for sale by removing all personal data )
  • New Computer Setup (Includes Data/Program Copy): $199 ( After purchasing a new computer, we set it up with your old data, programs, and settings)
  • Soldering: Needs wires or electronics soldered. Stop by and we'll take a look.


  • Computer disposal includes data and drive destruction.
  • If saving data is required, that is done before drive destruction.
  • Computers: $15
  • Monitors: $20 ( Over 30": $35 )
  • Printer: $10
  • Misc Electronics: $0


  • $99 plus the cost of any backup device, if necessary.


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