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We are seeing a lot of scammers. They attack in the following ways:

  • As you browse the internet, you suddenly get a full screen, scary message saying that if you do not call a number immediately, the world ends. This is a fake message. There is nothing wrong with your computer. Try rebooting to get rid of the message. When asked to restore previous pages, do not do that. 
  • The way this screen appears varies:
    • The fake messages appear when clicking on fake search result links or links that look legitimate but are actually advertisements.
    • Never click on the first 4 links in a Google search. They are advertising links, not legitimate pages.
    • Look for "Sponsored" or "Ad" in the images or text you click on. 
  • We are seeing a ton of fake emails indicating you purchased something for $499 and you have to call a number to pay or "Clear things up". These are fake. Delete and ignore. 
  • Never, ever, ever go to a bank to get money or a store to get gift cards based on someone you are talking to on the phone. 
  • Never let them remote into your computer. 
  • Never call anyone except us if you see a suspect message or email. 


Servicing Computers

  • Typcal labor costs seem to hover around $75 to $125, plus the cost of any part or software. 
  • If you are running the old, mechanical, spinning hard drive, chances are you've noticed a severe slowdown in performance. An SSD upgrade dramatically improves performance.
  • Typical service time is 1 day, unless parts need to be ordered. 


Purchasing a computer:

  • Every computer comes with Windows 11. 
  • Windows 10 is stil supported and viable for several years to come. 
  • We like Windows 10 better than Windows 11. If you have a Windows 10 machine running slow, we can evaluate it for upgrades. 
  • A new computer starts at roughly $600-$700. A new laptop might start at $600. 
  • Very few computers are coming with DVD drives. 
  • Laptops are still easily broken. Be careful. Don't carry laptops by grabbing the display. 
  • We can set up your new computer including coping data and programs from the old computer.


Internet Services:

  • We recommend Spectrum or Xfinity, but you may be in a location that offers neither. 
  • The only options left are wireless. The quality of the connection can vary widely. 
  • Two newer services are Starlink and Bug Tussle. We had one customer who lived in a "black hole". No service worked until they signed up for BugTussle. 
  • When researching availability, make them state what level of permance they offer. We want to see at least 5Mbps download speeds. 


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