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We no longer offer new computers and laptops for sale. However, we are more than happy to recommend specifications to look for or a specific desktop recommendation.

Recommended Specs

No matter the brand, these are the specification we recommend when purchasing any brand of desktop computer

  • Intel i5 or greater. Intel offers i3, i5, i7, or i9 processors. i5 is a happy medium for nearly everyone. An i3 is acceptable for light duty work, minimal browser tabs open at any given time, etc. 
  • 8GB RAM or greater. You can get by with 4GB of RAM for basic use, but 8GB is recommended.
  • 500 GB SSD ( Solid State Drive ) or greater. 500 GB is preferred, but most people without many pictures, video, etc can get by with 250 GB. The storage device ( AKA "Hard Drive" ) must be a solid state drive (SSD). Most computers and laptop comes with SSD's, not the old style, mechanical, spinning drive.
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Minimal Recommendations

An Intel i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 250 GB SSD storage drive (hard drive) is acceptable in some cases:

  • You will not be loading thousands of pictures, videos, and games.
  • You will not expect full, 4k videos to play back smoothly.
  • You will not be running many programs at once OR running more than a few browser tabs open at any given time. 

These recommendations can be used as a starting point in your search for a new desktop. We can help you order an exact computer online if you wish. It would be purchased directly by you using your credit card and shipped to your location. 


If required, we offer new computer setup and data transfer services. This involves settting up the new laptop and, if necessary, copying data, programs, and settings from an old laptop or computer. 


We have no association, affiliation or representation with any computer manufacturer. The computer is not being purchased through Sauve's Computer. We do not receive any type of commision or payment from any manufacturer. We are free to recommend any brand without bias. 


We are more than happy to service and support the product going forward. 

Additional Considerations

Once you have the basis requirement satisfied, there are secondary issues to consider. 

  • CD\DVD drive: Built-in CD\DVD's are getting less common. Externally attached CD\DVD drives are available.
  • Camera Card Reader: We prefer a full size "SD" card reader slot. Micro cards can be read with an adapter.
  • USB ports: More the better. Prefer at least one "USB-C" type port.
  • Video Ports: Check if the provided video ports match your current monitor. Adapters can be used if needed.  
  • Multi-monitors: The number of video ports determines how many monitors can be attached. 
  • Extended Warranty: Typically not needed for desktops.
  • Size: Will the physical size of the computer fit where you want to use it.
  • Color: Personal preference. Match the monitor?
  • Cabling: If the monitor, keyboard, mouse, or printer is more than 4-5 ft away, longer cables may be needed.
  • Ventilation: The computer doesn't need much, but it does need some. If in a cabinet, keep the back is clear.

More Information

Physical Size

It's always nice to get the smallest available. However, with small size comes several issues.

  • Number of USB ports
  • Is the CD/DVD mounted vertically, horizontally, or none at all.
  • What video ports are available. See here for details.

Build Quality

Dell, for example, has different model lines such as Inspiron, Vosto, Optiplex, etc. Inspiron is the consumer line. Quality is not nearly as important with desktops as it is with laptops. We find Inspirons are now the way to go because they typically have all the features we recommend except for a DVD drive.


The same goes for any other brand. The consumer line of desktop computers is usually sufficient for everyone.  

A word about "All In One" Computers

"All in one" computers have the computer part and the screen combined into one device such as this:



  • It's a very clean, compact design with minimal cables. At a minimum all it needs is a power cord.
  • Performance wise they run the same as similarily equipped desktops and laptops.
  • Windows functions the same as desktops and laptops.
  • If at all possible, a network jack along with wireless capabilities is preferred. 
  • Make sure you check what video connector is available if planning on a second monitor.
  • We recommend a 24" screen size. Larger if vision is an issue.
  • Most come with a built in camera and mic, but check to make sure.
  • Sound quality isn't much different than a standard monitor with speakers. 
  • When it comes to repair, we're not a big fan of all-in-ones. Can be expensive to repair, especially the screens.


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