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Calling Vendor Tech Support

Eventually, you're going to have to call somebody. we're not talking about us at Sauve's, we're talking the factory or vendor of the product you are having trouble with.

10 Things About Inkjet Printers

10 fast tips about living with inkjet printers.

MAC vs PC. What to go with

It used to be a bitter battle. It seems in today's world both brands co-exist nicely. Let's decide, shall we?

Before you change email addresses, know this

When you change your email address, you don't realize how many services are using the old address.


Image of a Dell Vostro 3510
Dell Vostro 3510

Good price/performance

Meets all performance specs

Large capacity drive

Image of a Dell Vostro 5510
Dell Vostro 5510

Excellent performance/features

Exceeds all performance specs

i7 / Backlit Kybd / Battery

Image of a Dell USB External DVD Drive Model DW316
Dell DW316 External DVD


Lays flat

Cable Included

Image of a Linksys EA7200 4-Port Wi-Fi 5 Dual-Band Router
Linksys EA7200 Router

Good Price / Performance

Dual Band / 4 Port

Easy Setup

Image of an HP Officejet Pro 8025e Printer
HP Officejet Pro 8025e

Good Price

All Features Built-in

Works for nearly everyone.

Image of an ASUS VP248QGL 24 Monitor
ASUS VP248QGL 24 Monitor

24" with speakers

DisplayPort / DVI / HDMI

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