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  • No appointment needed when dropping off a computer for service.
  • We may ask to call first in the event we need access to your mobile phone or consultation with a technician.
  • When brought in, we prefer to start the computer at the counter and talk things over.
  • Making a list of issues with the necessary passwords is helpful, such as startup or email passwords.
  • Shop time is typically 24 hours, but we ask for 2-3 days.
  • Emergency repairs are addressed as quickly as possible.
  • If it turns out the cost of repair is too expensive, we have a checkout charge.  
  • You are free to place a limit on the repair cost above $99.  
  • For laptops, phones, tablets, or printers, we ask for the power cable. Some computers have custom cables also.

Checking In / Evaluating / Questions / Advice

When a device is brought in for service, we like to start it at the counter in order to do a quick eval and confirmation of the problem(s). 

  • There is no charge for a check-in evaluation, questions, or advice.
  • We may be able to offer an exact estimate at the time of arrival.
  • It may be determined that the cost of repair is not worth the expense. 
  • Sometimes we find the device brought in is working properly and the problem is elsewhere or operation in nature.

In-Shop Service

  • In-Shop service is the most thorough with the highest value.
  • No work outside the upper range is done without approval.
  • Includes the repair of all issues found, not just the stated issue(s). If an expensive, unknown issue is found, we stop and notify.
  • We use decades of common sense to determine if a device should be repaired, upgraded, or replaced. The last thing we want is to service equipment that fails in a month. 

Remote Service

  • Remote Service means logging into your computer, with your permission, in an attempt to resolve any issues you may have. It's meant to avoid bringing in the computer for in-shop serivce.
  • You must have at least a working Internet connection and a computer working well enough to get on the Internet.
  • Remote is not a thorough service. Most often the immediate issue(s) are taken care of only.
  • Remote Service is typically billed in 15-20 minute intervals. 
  • We guide you on how to download the software needed by us to log in with. 
  • If the issue cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time, we will ask that the device be brought in.

Home\On-Site Service

  • On-site or In-home service is the most expensive type of service.
  • We make every effort to reduce on-site costs with remote service, if possible. 
  • Unlike shop service where we can work on multiple computers at once, spreading out the labor costs, on-site is one device only at a time. 
  • If we find the service will take an excessive amount of time, we'll bring the device back to the shop, service it, then deliver it back. 


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