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Home Considerations

Sometimes mobility can be an issue so we offer on-site, home services when required. A service call may be required in the event it's found that the problem is not in the computer but elsewhere, such as a flaky Internet connection or printer issues.


We offer the following:

  • Remote
  • In-Home
  • Pickup and Delivery

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Remote Service

When possible, the most economical route is to remote into your computer for service. Remote service requires a functioning Internet connection and a computer that can connect to the Internet. 


It's not necessary to know how the remote access works, we guide you through how to get it running in order to allow us  access to your computer. You may view and discuss everything we do as we are doing it. You may also let us work on the computer while you take care of other things, if you wish.

On-Site Service

There are times when remote access is not an option. For that, we can stop by and address the issue(s) on-site. The downside with that is on-site is more expensive option. Travel time comes into play and a truck full of parts is required. 

Pickup and Delivery

If it's found that the on-site service will be extensive or time consuming, we will grab the computer, bring it into the shop for service, then deliver it back. This is the most expensive option but sometimes there is little choice in the matter.


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