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We have recently implemented several changes to the inner workings and services offered by Sauve’s Computer Service and Support. Visit often for updates.

No longer offering new computers for sale

One significant change is that we no longer offer new or custom built computers. Instead, we offer personal buying assistance services along with free recommendations on this very site. Our recommendations are based on decades of experience, closely matching the philosophy we’ve stood by for many years. If you have been satisfied with our products, we continue that tradition.   

No longer providing 24x7x365 Support

Another change is the transfer of support responsibilities for our large, server based business clients requiring 24x7x365 response time to more robust service providers. Many of these businesses have grown with us over the years to the point that they have exceeded our ability to support them on an immediate basis. We are assisting the transfer of responsibilities to different service providers at this time. 

The Sauve’s Team

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