Quickie – 10 things about upgrading to Windows 10

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As you may have heard, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January of 2020. In the past they seem to extend “End of Life” a while and will probably do it again – we’ll see. Windows 10 is becoming mandatory for other reasons also.

What do I need to know?

  1. When end-of-life is reached, Windows 7 will not stop working. It simply means it will not receive system and security updates any longer.
  2. Any machine running Vista, XP, or earlier cannot be upgraded.
  3. Windows 10 upgrades are still free as I type this. We offer Windows 10 upgrades as a normal service or you can go here to install Windows 10 yourself. We like to backup and prepare the computer before upgrading, just in case it fails miserably and you end up with a non-working computer.
  4. We have found that if the computer is 8 years old or less, it’s a candidate for a Windows 10 upgrade.
  5. A windows 10 upgrade combined with an SSD radically improves your computer, extending it’s life for many years.
  6. However, we have found that computers or laptops running E series, V120, or Celeron processors will have troubles. We have chosen not to install Windows 10 on these types of computers because they end up running very slow. Theses types of processors are found on very budget focused computers. It may already be running some version of Windows 10. If so, we have seen issues where the latest version will not install or does not work. Best to avoid computers and laptops with these types of processors.
  7. Navigating the internals of Windows 10 is significantly different than Windows 7 and 8. However, the programs you use will not look any different. Every effort is made to simplify the Windows 10 interface. Windows 8 was a train wreck and should be updated to 10.
  8. After upgrading to Windows 10, overall performance will be either unchanged or slightly slower. It will never be faster unless there were software issues that have been resolved before the Windows 10 upgrade.
  9. Although Windows 8 will be supported for several more years, it should be updated to Windows 10.
  10. We encourage users to allow us to upgrade their computers when performing regular service and repair. It’s inevitable.

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