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Upgrade Services

An evaluation is performed to determine if the device is a candidate for upgrading or replacement. Which way to go may depend on the following:   

  • Replacement may be in order if the device is over 8 years old or it’s running a budget focused processor such an AMD “E” series, V120, or Intel “Celeron”.  
  • If the device won’t accept Windows 10, replacement is required. Video hardware sometimes prevents a Windows 10 upgrade. 
  • Devices newer than 6 years typically will accept Windows 10 without issue. 
  • Solid State Drives (SSD) upgrades are an excellent way to radically improve the overall performance of the device.

Upgrade Options

Windows 10

Windows 7 is “End of Life” in January, 2020. That doesn’t mean it will stop working. Updates and upgrades will no longer be issued. 

Even though Windows 8 users still have several years before “End of Life”, it should be upgraded to Windows 10 simply because Windows 8 was a bad version.

Windows 10 will not make your computer run faster. It simply gets it up to modern computing standards. The most recent Windows 10 upgrade may not work on some budget focused laptops and computers will limited processor power or drive space. 

Hard Drive

Our number one hardware upgrade recommendation is changing the old, spinning, mechanical drive to a solid state, all electronic drive ( SSD ). This offers remarkable improvement to the overall performance of the computer or laptop. We have seen a minimum 3x improvement in overall performance. If the old drive is a low performer, 5x improvement is easily met. 

An exception is those budget focused computers running “E” series and Celeron processors. It may not be worth the cost.


Memory is a commonly discussed upgrade, but it’s sometimes surprising how little it improves overall performance. We always test to see if it’s a worthwhile and often times it’s not. Machines running 6 GB or more rarely need more memory. 

Full Service

Not really an “upgrade”, but a full service can significantly improve the overall performance and stability.

Computers slow down not so much because the hardware is somehow “old”, but more so because with every update, upgrade, or program install, it slows the computer down a certain degree. 

We check to see what’s running in the background and stop or remove those programs, as needed. 

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