Stop. Read this before doing anything!

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Laptop recommendations here!

Things to look out for

  • All tech support calls to your phone are fake. Hang up or don’t answer.
  • All websites that demand you call a number immediately to fix a problem are fake. Ignore, exit, or restart the computer.
  • Microsoft is pushing out a lot of updates. When the computer is installing them, there is nothing you can do but wait. It may take hours to complete. Do not restart unless its been 12 hours. Then, hope for the best.

All new computers and laptops must meet these specifications

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 256 SSD GB minimum drive space.
  • Intel i5 processor or greater.
  • Absolutely must be using a solid state drive ( SSD ). Nothing else is acceptable. No HDD. Try to avoid hybrid drives if possible.
  • Laptops should have a 15.6″ screen or larger. This is personal preference, of course. Size, weight, battery life, etc play a role.

These specifications can vary, slightly, but no much.

Biggest issues we see right now

  • Lost accounts, passwords, and key numbers. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please write all your logins down in a notebook. Print clearly. Always write down the answers to secret questions. You will NOT remember seemingly basic things like your spouses maiden name, birth date of your sibling, where you met, first car, etc. The answers to these questions must be entered EXACTLY. Your first car might be “Chevy”, “Chevrolet”, “Camaro”, “Yellow Camaro”, etc. A customer did not know the answer for their spouses maiden name. Another did not know the birth year of their oldest sibling.
  • Another issue we see is Microsoft is pushing out a lot of updates, often. It may take hours to install and some are impatient and force a reboot, corrupting the entire Windows install. Don’t do that. Wait 12 hours and then try a forced reboot. The most we’ve seen is 6 hours to install updates.
  • When buying a printer, always try to get one with a display. A printer needs to be connected to the wireless and maintained. Printers without a usable display are much more difficult to manage.
  • Windows 7 still works. It just won’t receive updates any more. There is no rush to get it upgraded to Windows 10, but you should start thinking about it. We have found that if the computer is 8 years old or newer, it probably is eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade.
  • Internet Explorer is becoming unusable. It’s an old browser and has not been updated for many years. We recommend Chrome.
  • Always backup data. The best way is an automated backup system where the only thing that needs to be done is to keep the computer running when the backups are scheduled to run. Total cost of such a system runs between $250 and $300. It includes backup software, storage device, and labor. We are very picky on the software that’s used to backup the computer. We only go with Acronis and set it to make full backups, not just data, differential, or incremental backups.

Contact us with any questions!

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