Shout-out to the agricultural industry

Image of a tractor in a field.
Laptop recommendations here!

Contrary to popular belief, the agriculture industry uses more technology than most other industries. Many people, specifically the younger generation, look down on agriculture thinking it’s just slinging dirt and manure. Not true. It uses every technology available including:

  • Satellite Imagery.
  • GPS.
  • Auto driving equipment.
  • Fitbit for Cows!?
  • All sorts of monitoring equipment.
  • Every mechanical concept and device you can think off.
  • All sorts of different software to run or monitor everything.
  • Businesses that help farmers optimize their entire operation using incredible technology that would make Silicon Valley envious.
  • There is a constant drive to make things more efficient and clean because weather and market prices have always been unpredictable, no matter what the Farmers Almanac says will happen.
  • And much more…

The people involved in it are some of the most down-to-earth, sharp, business people we work with. Their mindset is “get-it-done” engineering. The single farmer perched on top of a rickety tractor is very long past.

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