Sauve's Senior Care Services

Senior Care Services

Sometimes mobility can be an issue seniors confront regarding normal day to day computer use. Friends and family may not always be available to offer assistance. 

Because of this we offer several service options where transporting the computer or laptop to the shop may be a burden.

  • Remote
  • In-Home
  • Pickup and Delivery

Remote Service

When possible, the most economical route to take when in-shop is not possible is Remote Service. Remote service requires a functioning Internet connection and a phone call to us in order to start the process. It’s not necessary to know how this is done. We offer instruction regarding what to do in order to get us connected with your computer. 

See our pricing page for costs.

On-Site Service

There are times when a remote connection simply is not possible. Perhaps the computer won’t start or the Internet is malfunctioning.  

To help with that, we offer on-site service or, if the issue is time consuming, pickup and delivery services where we perform any work needed in the shop, then deliver and connect it later. Billing is most often done through normal mail or email. Immediate payment is accepted also.

See our pricing page for costs.

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