Image of recycled computers

Recycling Services

Electronic disposal used to be easy. Place it on the curb where one of two things happened:

  • Someone grabs it for their own use.
  • The trash collecting service takes it to places unknown.

With electronics, that no longer works. In today’s world, electronic devices have to be collected and professionally recycled or disposed of.

We accept computer related equipment including the computers themselves, monitors, printers, and accessories. All devices containing data are physically destroyed. Check out our pricing page for costs.

Be aware that sometimes cities and counties will have a recycling day where certain items may be free and some others require payment. 

What does “sanitizing” mean?

Instead of disposing of the computing device, sometimes a request is made to delete all user data but preserve the computer and programs so the client can give or resell the computer to another party. 

  • We will save the data on a storage device if requested, secure erase it from the computer, then return it to the customer without their data present. 
  • Recovered data is typically stored on a flash or external drive. We can supply the storage device if none is available.
  • Cost is typically in-line with a regular service. 

See our pricing page for costs.

Contact us with any questions!