Quickie – 10 Things About Sauve’s Computer Service.

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Laptop recommendations here!
  1. No appointment is required unless you need to discuss issues with a technician.
  2. Bring in the power cord, especially for laptops. Some are custom and we may not have one to use in the shop.
  3. Most often a typical repair ranges from $99 – $198.
  4. Most repairs take 24 hours, but we ask for an additional day or two. Emergency service is accommodated when possible.
  5. It’s helpful to make notes before calling or stopping by listing the issue you are having and any passwords used such as when the computer starts, email passwords, etc.
  6. In-Shop and Remote service is preferred, but on-site\in-home is available in the event in-shop or remote service is not possible.
  7. Expect a longer service time for for complete rebuilds, data recovery, intermittent failure, or it’s just being a tough nut to crack.
  8. We evaluate every repair and upgrade to determine if replacement is a better option.    
  9. We always look for other issues other than what is stated. Sometimes additional problems can tip the scale from repair to replace.
  10. Servicing small, desktop type, printers has long past. The replacement cost of the printer is equal or less than the service cost. Sometimes it’s unknown if the issue is in the printer or somewhere else – in those case we troubleshoot as needed.
  11. We service Apple software, but Apple hardware issues such as cracked screens or broken jacks require factory repair at an Apple Store.
  12. We are experts in IT support. We know next to nothing about navigating the mannerisms, nuances, and rules of the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ecosystems.
  13. Beware! No technician will call you out of the blue and indicate that your computer requires service and you must let them remote in and “fix” it. It’s a scam. Just hang up and go about your day.

Contact us with any questions!

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