Quickie – 10 Random Must Knows

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Laptop recommendations here!
  1. When Windows is installing updates, let it finish. May take hours. Only after waiting hours should you risk forcing a reboot.
  2. Microsoft will occasionally push out a very big update. You can delay it but eventually it will force the install. If possible, initiate the update after you are done for the day and let it run overnight.
  3. When you see a website saying your are infected with a virus and you should call a number, don’t. It’s fake. Reboot the computer and try again. If asked to restore the previous web page, say no.
  4. If you get a call from someone claiming to be tech support, it’s fake. Hang up.
  5. All computers, used or new, must come with or upgrade to a Solid State Drive ( SSD ). Anything with a conventional, rotating drive as it’s primary boot drive will be slow as molasses.
  6. Internet Explorer is still usable in most cases, but it’s no longer supported or updated. We recommend switching to Chrome.
  7. Windows Live Mail still works for many providers. However, it’s no longer updated and may not work properly with your particular email provider. Unfortunately, all the email providers want you to view your email by logging into their website. Many find this objectionable because webmail is harder to sue. For those with a later version of Microsoft Office 2013 or later, we recommend using that to read your email.
  8. Document your passwords. You won’t remember them.
  9. Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP are no longer viable. The only reason to keep a computer running with these operating systems is to run old software or perhaps old machinery. Otherwise, they need to be replaced, not upgraded.
  10. Computer replacement is driven by software, not hardware. If your computer still does what you want it to do, keep it. If it’s slow or cannot run the software you want to run, either replacement or upgrades are in order.
  11. Upgrade to Windows 10.

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