Quickie – 10 Myths and Truths

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  1. Contrary to what the movies depict, a hacker cannot break into your computer or your email account easily unless you are tricked into giving them your password.
  2. Your Internet provider can track everywhere you go, but chances are they don’t unless they are ordered to by law enforcement. The cost of archiving everyone’s activity would be enormous. There are ways to browse the Internet anonymously using VPN’s or the Tor browser.
  3. Hard drive capacity has no bearing on performance. A 250 GB Solid State Drive will outperform a 1 Terabyte Conventional Drive – hands down.
  4. No program can make your computer run faster. Removing no longer needed programs and junk software can.
  5. Moving photos to an external drive from your computer will not make it faster. Copying them to an external drive as a backup is good, don’t move them.
  6. Computer hardware does not normally slow down. Continuous updates, upgrades, and program installs slow it down.
  7. Wireless is not magical. It can be slow and unreliable. Wired is always better, when possible.
  8. A $300 laptop or computer will perform very slowly and will be overwhelmed by updates and upgrades in 3 years or less.
  9. Any phone call, website, email, or text claiming they have detected bad things running on your computer or need to check your “security” is a scam. Ignore or delete.
  10. Looking up tech support phone numbers on the Internet will probably direct you to scammers. Always go directly to the companies website and search there. They tend to hide phone numbers on purpose and support will be in some other form via their website.

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