Quickie – 10 Current Trends

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Laptop recommendations here!
  1. Microsoft has been pushing out a big Windows 10 update. When installing, be patient.
  2. Encryption attacks continue. Do not click links inside emails where they prompt you to log in or download something. Go directly to the website if you have any question about the authenticity of the email.
  3. Sauve’s is no longer selling new computers. We will recommend computers to purchase on this site and also offer a buying assistance service to break through the techno-babble.
  4. Sauve’s Computer service and support for all brands continues, unchanged.
  5. Any new computer must be purchased with an solid state drive ( SSD ). Anything else and you will be blessed with a brand new, slow computer.
  6. Fake websites, emails, search result links, and phone calls continue unabated, trying to trick you into calling phone numbers to fix non-existent problems. Ignore all of it.
  7. Laptop DVD drives on quality laptops are becoming rare.
  8. Windows 7 is at “end of life” in January 2020. The Windows 10 upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users is still free. We are recommending it.
  9. There still has been no significant advances in printer technology. Old printers are just as good as new printers if they still work. Color laser printers have become less expensive from what they were, but they are still pricey.
  10. Computers are becoming overwhelmed with programs running secretly in the background, resulting in a slow boot and overall operation. An SSD upgrade for qualified computers improves overall performance tremendously.


PC’s are still much more common than Apple computers. However, there is not nearly as much “war of words” between the two camps. It appears everyone has gotten past the differences and moved on.

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