Image of a variety of Sauve's services.

More Services!

  1. Self service color and black/white copy machines.
  2. Laminate documents ( 5 Minute warmup time ).
  3. Soldering services for small jobs.
  4. Quickly evaluate devices the minute they come in to determine if they are worth repairing, if we are capable of repairing, or if it requires shop time. 

Website Design and Management

  1. We are currently developing a web management program but have not rolled out an official program yet. 
  2. Check here for much more detail. Stay tuned!

What we do not service

  1. We no longer service printers. We will often times determine of the printer requires replacement or perform very basic service.
  2. We service tablet and phone software, but not the hardware. See here for more details. 
  3. We will assist customers having Internet connection issues to determine if the problem is the Internet provider’s service or their computer. We don’t climb poles or rooftops but we can typically determine if the Internet provider must make a service call.
  4. We don’t service telephone systems or infrastructure. We can recommend 3rd party vendors that provide that service.
  5. We no longer install network cable in walls and ceilings. We can recommend 3rd party vendors that provide that service. 
Contact us with any questions!