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~$789 as of 12/28/2019

Products, prices and specification change constantly. The listed recommendations are for general information only and should not be accepted as accurate at any given time. Always confirm current specifications match your needs.
Optiplex 3070 Small Form Factor

Processor: Intel i5-9500
Memory: 8GB
Drive: m.2 NVMe 256 GB SSD
No WiFi\Bluetooth
Ethernet Jack
DVD Drive
Rear Line Out Speaker
Front Universal Audio
No Card Reader
VGA, HDMI, Display Port
Wired Mouse and Kybd
Cyberlink Media Suite
No Antivirus
Windows 10 Pro
H: 11.4″, W: 3.7″, D: 11.5″


  • Typically installed in a business setting. It has several features that are used to manage many computers.
  • If you’ll notice in the link, it offers accessories that can be use to secure or make compact the footprint taken up by the computer. 
  • It contains all of the features we’ve offered throughout the years.
  • The overall size is remarkably small.
  • We have installed a second, internal drive for backup purposes. 

Things to be aware of:

  • The image is showing a card reader which is an option not found in this model.
  • No wireless or bluetooth included
  • Comes equipped with a TPM module for drive encryption.
  • 4 Front USB ports – 2 USB3, 2 USB2.
  • No rear Mic and Line-In jacks. 
  • Front is a single combo jack for headphones or mic.
  • No DVI video port. Can use a simple HDMI > DVI or Display Port > DVI adapter cable if needed.
  • DVD Playback software included.
  • The included mouse and keyboard are of a very basic quality. Best used as spares.
  • No parallel or serial ports.

Extended Warranty:

  • Dell offers an extended hardware and accidental damage warranties that we may recommend, especially for businesses where downtime is unacceptable. 
  • They have the “ProSupport” and “ProSupport Plus” warranties. The “Plus” covers accidental damage. Occasionally Dell will offer the “Plus” warranty at the “ProSupport” price. 
  • Whether or not to take advantage of it depends on your tolerance for downtime. We have found that there is a low chance it will be needed on desktops, higher on laptops. In fact, we strongly encourage purchasing extended warranties on laptops due to their fragile nature.  

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