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Desktop Recommendations

Products, prices and specification change constantly. The listed recommendations are for general information only and should not be accepted as accurate at any given time. Always confirm current specifications match your needs.

You may be interested in our Personal Computer Buying Service along with selecting the proper form factor ( Desktop, laptop, All-in-One ) and feature recommendations.


  • Know how much hard drive space you require. (Most people get by with a 250GB drive)
  • Know how large a screen you prefer if you are looking at an “All-in-One” type of desktop computer. (24″ recommended)
  • If you have an existing monitor, know what type of connector is being used to connect the computer to the monitor, such as VGA (Blue), DVI (White), HDMI (Black), or DisplayPort ( Black )

If you don’t have much in the way of pictures and videos saved on your computer, a 256 GB SSD drive is typically more than enough. If you have upwards of 50,000 pictures and videos, chances are a 500GB or 1T drive is in order. These recommendations offer 250 GB – 1T SSD drives. 

The available video connectors vary based on the model. There are 4 main type of connectors

  • VGA (Common – Often blue color)
  • DVI (Common – Often white)
  • HDMI (Becoming common on computer monitors)
  • Display Port (Rarely used, but becoming more common)

VGA and DVI are the most common. The key thing is to look at the back of your monitor and see what connectors are available. An adapter may be required to convert one type to another. For example HDMI and Display Port can be converted to DVI with a simple $15 adapter. 

Imge of video ports

Computer prices vary based on features and build quality. In the case of Dell products, their model line divides into the following:

  • Inspiron: Consumer Grade
  • Vostro: Consumer\Business Grade
  • Optiplex: Business Grade
  • XPS: Consumer Professional Grade
  • Precision: Business Professional Grade

No matter what brand or model you go with, make sure the desktop comes with the following specifications or greater:

  • Intel i5 Processor or greater
  • 8GB of RAM or greater
  • 250 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) or greater.

For some, lesser specifications may be adequate, such as single use computers or those that open just a few browser tabs at a time. See our options page outlining other specifications you may want to consider.

We receive no compensation from Dell or any other third parties. These recommendations or our personal buying assistance service are meant to replace the custom units we’ve offered for 30 years. 

Check Out Our Desktop Recommenations!

New Inspiron 3880 Desktop


Consumer Grade
Modern style chassis
i7 10th Gen, 8GB, 512 SSD
Wireless Internet, rear USB 3
$729 (Varies)

New Vostro Small Desktop


Consumer\Business Grade
Feature Highlight: Small Chassis
i5, 8GB, 256 SSD
Wireless Internet and DVD Drive
$579 (Varies)

New Vostro 3000 Desktop


Consumer\Business Grade
Modern Tower Design
Wireless Internet and DVD Drive
$549 (Varies)

Exceptionally low price as of 3/5/2021

Inspiron 5000 All-in-One 24"


All-in-One chassis
Feature Highlight: Less Wires
Wireless/No DVD Drive
i5 11th Generation Processor
Large 24″ Touch screen
8GB Memory, 512GB SSD
$911.39 (Varies)

Inspiron 7000 All-in-One 27"


All-in-One chassis
Feature Highlight: Less Wires
Wireless/No DVD Drive
i5 11th Generation Processor
Large 27″ Touch screen
8GB Memory, 512GB SSD
$960.39 (Varies)

Bigger and Better!

As with anything computer related, there are bigger and better desktops available that are focused on engineering, video production, high end gaming, etc. 

For those, we offer personalized buying assistance services

Contact us with any questions!