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Data Recovery Service

What to do

  1. Shut down the device immediately. Symptoms of a failing drive include  a “clicking noise” or unusual errors related to “bad sectors”, “bad blocks”, or constant freezing. 
  2. Bring in the device for an evaluation. 

The goal is to recover both the data and the operating system, returning the computer exactly how it was previous to the failure. However, there are times when only the data can be recovered and the device must be rebuilt from scratch. We have a recovery rate of 90%. 

Not so fun fact

The most costly data recovery service we have been involved cost $15,000. A $100 dollar backup drive would have prevented that.

What is data?

  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites
  • Email
  • Downloads
  • Saved keys, passwords and account information
  • Programs ( Sometimes )

The last item, programs, usually refers to the program that was used to create the data, not the data itself. This means that simply reloading a program such as Word, Excel, Quicken, etc does not restore data, just the program itself.

How is data lost?

Data loss can happen in a variety of ways.

  • Loss due to mechanical hard drive failure, theft, fire, power spike or loss, or water.
  • Accidentally deleting, editing or overwriting data
  • File Corruption, known or unknown.
  • Infection or Encryption Attack
  • Lost, broken or failed flash drive, camera card or external drive
  • Locked out of a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone due to lost credentials.
  • The program freezes and the file was never saved the first time.
  • Failure of online\cloud backup services including loss of login information, shutdown of the service, or maxing out your data plan and not realizing it.
  • Backups that have not worked for days, months, or years or no backups at all.
  • Lost access to accounts and phone numbers that were used to recover forgotten passwords.
  • Data saved to an unknown or forgotten location, service, or device.
  • Non-booting computer or server with an encrypted drive.
  • Flash drives sent through the washer and drier.
  • New and creative ways we have not seen yet.

Data recovery costs can vary widely. Check out our pricing page for estimates.

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