Image of an explosion because of no backups!

Data Backup Products

Okay, the image may be a bit dramatic. But, if you have suffered data loss, it’s tame in comparison. Check out our very detailed article outlining everything you would want to know about backing up. Otherwise, continue on for the basics.


A full backup of the entire computer on an internal or external drive is mandatory. All other backup systems are secondary. Our recommended products for doing this are:

  • Acronis True Image 2020 program used to create a copy of the hard drive and store it on a second, internal or external drive.
  • A 2T or larger Western Digital or Seagate internal or external hard drive with enough capacity to store multiple backups.

For home users, Acronis is configured to make automatic, full backups on a daily basis or whenever data has changed. No differential or incremental types of backups.  


  • A full service and evaluation is performed.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10, if necessary.
  • Install and configure the Acronis software.
  • Install and configure the storage drive. 
  • Test extensively, making backups and confirming a full recovery works. 
  • Set the preferred time when Acronis software to runs automatically. 
  • Enable and confirm the built-in Windows 10 backup program.

What does it cost?

  • A full service and backup installation will vary from $225 – $300. It will vary due to the capacity of the drive required and whether its a second internal or external drive. Check our pricing page for any specials or changes.
  • Acronis Backup Software is a one time, separate, purchase of $59 paid directly to Acronis.
  • For cloud backups using the same Acronis software, it’s $50 annually.

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