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Computer and Laptop Service

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FAQ’s about our computer service

  • No appointment needed unless you must talk to a technician. 
  • We prefer to start the computer upon arrival and document the issues.
  • Making a list of issues beforehand is helpful. 
  • Shop time is typically 24 hours, but we ask for 2-3 days. Emergency repairs are given priority, when possible. 
  • If the repair cost is too expensive or cannot be repaired, the service cost is reduced to a checkout charge. 
  • You may place a limit on total cost of the repair. However, if that limit is under $99, we might recommend looking for a replacement computer.  
  • We ask that the power cord or AC Adapter be brought in. It may or may not be needed.  
  • Since Windows 7 is nearing End of Life we typically recommend the Windows 10 upgrade while it’s still free. Windows 8 should also be upgraded. Age and other factors may prevent this upgrade, however.
  • More tips here.

Check In / Evaluation / Questions / Advice

When a computer is brought in for service, we start it right away to check it in and evaluate. 

  • There is no charge for a checkin evaluation, questions, or advice.
  • We may be able to offer an immediate cost estimate and the  time needed to repair when receiving the device. 
  • It may be determined that the repair may not be possible or cost effective.
  • The computer or device may be working properly and the issue is some other aspect of your computing environment. 
  • Of course, sometimes the device must be brought into the shop to determine status and serviceability.

In-Shop Service

  • In-Shop service is the most thorough and economical.
  • Costs typically range from $0 to  $198. The upper range is reserved for major issues such as data recovery and computer rebuilding. Less for renewals, power supply replacement, minor issues, etc. 
  • $99 is the average.
  • No work outside of the upper range is done without approval. You may also set your upper limit. 
  • Includes the repair of all issues found, not just the stated issue(s). If an additional, serious problem is found, notification is sent.
  • We have a 90 day warranty on our work.
  • We use common sense to determine if a device is upgrade-able or repairable at a reasonable cost. The last thing we want is to invest in the repair of a device and have it fail elsewhere a month later. 
  • See our pricing page for details.

Remote Service

  • Remote service means logging into your computer or laptop over the Internet, with your permission. It may avoid bringing in the device for service.
  • Typically billed in 15-20 minute intervals.  
  • With remote service, we target the issue and any obvious problems only. We cannot perform a full service comparable to in-shop.  
  • We offer guidance on getting the remote software working so we can log into your computer or laptop. You don’t have to know how it works.
  • You are free to watch everything we do or walk away and return when the service is done.  
  • If we find that the issue cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time remotely, we might ask for the device in shop, assuming it’s within driving distance. 

We may leave behind remote access software in order to make it easier to for us to login later, with your permission.

On-Site Service

  • On-site or In-home service is the most expensive. We make every effort to reduce that expense by servicing remotely, if possible.
  • The issue with on-site service is, unlike shop service, we cannot work on anything else while the computer completes a task. We wait while a computer or laptop downloads, boots, restarts, updates, upgrades, installs, uninstalls, etc.  We have an interesting article about the biggest time wasters
  • If we find it’s going to take an excessive amount of time, we will bring the computer back to the shop for a more in-depth service.  

Pickup / Delivery

  • There are times we need to pick up the computer, service it in the shop, then deliver it back. There is an additional charge for this service.
  • When the computer is delivered, it will be booted to confirm normal operation.

Senior Care / Small Business

Often times the best route, especially for a small business and those that require more personal service with their day to day computer operation, is a system where we can log into the computer at any time, no customer input needed. This comes in handy when we need to log into a computer after business hours, when it’s not in use, or for those with mobility issues.

For those scenarios, we have remote control software that can be installed, with your permission.

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