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Buying Assistance Services

We're here to help!

We have always made computer buying easy and will continue that tradition. However, after 30 years, Sauve’s no longer offers new or custom built computers for sale. Service and support for all brands of computers and laptops, including our own brand, continues normally.

Selecting a computer to purchase can be a bewildering, techno-babble filled experience. We offer two new ways to help you navigate the buying process:  

  • We will make the selection for you, based on your requirements. A link to the exact brand and model is sent to your via email. If approved, you may then order it just like any other online purchase. We can help you navigate the ordering process, if needed.   The item is then shipped to your location.
  • A second option is to use the online recommendation service on this website to assist you in selecting the appropriate computer that fits you needs.    

Things to know:

  • Both services focus on Dell computers and laptops along with HP and Brother printers, with an occasional, unique recommendation. 
  • We receive no payment of any kind from Dell, HP, Brother or any other third party provider. This is a service to replace our custom built computers and laptops. 
  • Some of our recommendations can be purchased directly from their manufacturers or though big box stores such as OfficeMax, OfficeDepot or BestBuy. 

Once the purchase is completed, we offer a data and program transfer service to get all your existing “stuff” from the old computer to the new. In no way are you obligated to use this service after purchasing your new computer.   

How It Works

  1. Contact Us. We discuss what you are looking for, with our suggestions, and return our recommendation a day or two later via email and a phone call.
  2. If you approve, you may order the item from our recommendation just like any other online product purchase. We can guide you through the ordering process, if needed.
  3. You are now owners of a new computer. You may get things going on your own, or drop off the old and new computers by us for data and program transfer.

What does it cost?

  1. Our recommendation costs nothing. We receive no commission or compensation of any kind from a vendor.
  2. The Data Transfer Service ranges from $149 – $199, if it should be needed. If only computer setup is required with nor program or data transfer, $99 is typical.

Use our Online Recommendations

There are two ways to use our online recommendation service:

Contact us with any questions!